Technikon Ltd. is the AQUATORIA system developer.
20-years’ experience in process control has allowed us to deliver hundreds of water supply automation projects throughout Belarus. We supplied more than 1500 pump group control stations, more than 5000 frequency converters.

80% of water in Minsk apartments is pumped under our automation control. We have developed water supply dispatching systems for Water Utilities of all Belarusian cities, delivered significant projects in CIS countries, and now are introducing our solutions in the Middle East.

We team up 80 professionals, 2/3 of them are engineers and programmers. We offer scalable solutions which can be integrated into customer’s production processes. The equipment and technologies applied meet international standards.

«Take and apply»
— We’ve implemented a pilot project at one of our booster pumping stations. The station is equipped with four pump units and a frequency converter. In the optimized control mode we’ve reached energy conservation of 18-20%. In 2014 we’re planning to apply AQUATORIA to another three pumping stations.
AQUATORIA is a complete solution, you can just take it and apply.

Anatoliy Kozlovskiy, Head of PAS Department Grodno Water Utility

«System openness and software stability and robustness»
— What attracts us in AQUATORIA concept is software stability and robustness as well as system openness enabling us to add new objects by ourselves. We’ve reached 15-20% energy conservation, referring to booster pumping stations. We’ve also automated sewage pumping station where reached 40% and higher energy conservation.

Valeriy Makarchuk, Head of PAS Department Baranovichi Water utility